South Country Village grounds are well treed and green with mature landscaping. The exterior grounds consist of various courtyards, BBQ areas and a walking path. The Haven of Rest is a Supportive Living Facility which consists of the Haven Care Centre and Haven Villa.

Haven Care Centre is located on the main floor in a congregate living setting with a central dining room. Each wing has lounges, a laundry area, nursing station, and central bathing areas. The west wing is connected to the Wuerfel Auditorium, the Leisure Loft and the Heritage Centre.

The Administration Area is located on the main floor of the Haven Care Centre. It is comprised of the Business Offices, Chaplain’s Office, Central Dining Room, Family Dining Area, Coffee Area, Canteen, Museum and Beauty Parlour.

what we provide

HCC rooms are furnished with a single bed, mattress, dresser, night table, fire rated drapes or blinds and closet. We welcome residents to bring their own furniture or personalize their rooms with pictures, furniture, mementos, bedspreads, etc. We also provide Chaplaincy services and recreational activities.