we are South Country Village

Established in 1947, South Country Village is one of the first facilities in Southern Alberta to provide comprehensive care for an aging population. South Country focuses on the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of its residents.

South Country Village has developed Heritage Heights, the newest residential development on the campus, which provides all of the amenities including underground parking and the luxury anticipated by senior’s in today’s retirement environment.

Alvin Reinhard Fritz

South Country Village Architect

Our Philosophy

We seek to provide: A Home where the integrity and the rights of the residents are acknowledged and respected. A Home where the spiritual, medical, social and physical needs of the resident are met in the best possible way. A Home for all persons regardless of race, color or creed, in an environment which promotes interaction with other residents and with employees which offer security, compassion and a concern for each of the residents well-being. A Home in which Christian principles are upheld and practiced.

The management of South Country Village is devoted to providing quality Christian care for the resident. To accomplish this mission, they seek the co-operation of all employees to perform their duties not only as a job but as a God-given duty to the resident. Remember: “The grace of God is a free gift to be received in faith”.



Our Mission

“To provide quality care for the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of the disabled and elderly in a loving Christian Home environment”.

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